Shin Lee @ ContainerArt Vancouver 2011. Artist Statement

Title of work: Peace and Comfort from our port Artist Statement (excerpt) : “The exhibit explores the serenity of the port – taking the concept and putting it on exhibition, on display. I am using clay sculptures with other materials (sand, paper, wood, etc). The clay sculptures-the principal pieces-represent peace and imagination. The exhibit is … Continue reading

The Guardian of the ContainerArt Temple…

…is a dragon made of steel.  Why does ContainerArt’s temporary museum in Vancouver need a dragon to protect it? Well, dragons, monsters, sphynx, lions in front of places of contemplation are a good idea: they serve an apotropaic function: they ward off evil.  For ContainerArt evil is distraction, vandalism, and generally not taking advantage of the … Continue reading

The PNE introduces the largest ContainerArt temporary museum yet

An impressive milestone in the history of ContainerArt. In Vancouver until Sept 5th. Special thanks to Port Metro Vancouver

Michael Coolidge evokes the subtle @ ContainerArt

Michael Coolidge’s container at the Capital Ex. Satisfying the need for subtle visual sensations in the middle of a dense day at the fair.

What’s there not to LIKE

“It’s Like Art”. An installation by Colin Vince regarding the “like” meme that began taking a hold of America and Canada while briefly distracted, sometime in the late seventies. Perhaps the beginning of a campaign to inoculate new generations against this language virus. At Capital Ex Edmonton, July 2011

Tyler Sherard @ ContainerArt Capital Ex

Tyler Sherard’ “Jack in the Box”. A video installation about Tyler’s own coming of age, with a strong debt of gratitude to Bruce Nauman’s “Body Pressure”.

ContainerArt PNE partnership with the Port Metro Vancouver

This year the Pacific National Exhibit Container Art Show has partnered with Port Metro Vancouver to showcase the history and tradition of the Port in helping to shape Vancouver.  Throughout history, Ports around the world have been chronicled through works by local artists. Art work will celebratee Vancouver’s relationship between the Port and the city. To learn more about Port … Continue reading


ContainerArt introduces its global Video-Art exchange program.  Containers are an excellent framing device for projecting video art and we decided to create an exchange network among partners. Each participating ContainerArt partner reserves one or more spaces to feature videoart selected in collaboration with curators from other ContainerArt events.  Artists are invited to send an email … Continue reading