Vanessa Arnold with Adam Stenhouse @ ContainerArt Vancouver 2011. Artist Statement

Name of Installation: deadbooth Artist’s Statement:  a selection of printed portraits and a custom designed-built photo booth. The photos mimic post-mortem documentation photography. The intention is to counteract the teenaged propensity to obsess over mortality, and the media’s focus on bad news, death and tragedy, and offer visitors both introspection and positive movation. Advertisements

Caitlin Butcher & Lisa Tanner @ ContainerArt Vancouver 2011. Artist Statement

Title of Work: The movement of fashion Artist’s Statement (abridged): The strips of fabric illustrate color and line in their truest form while the white dresses act as a blank canvas. Patterns created from images of the colored strips of fabric are projected on to the dresses, epitomizing the endless design possibilities.

Reece Wood @ ContainerArt Vancouver 2011. Artist Statement

Title: Vancouversion Artist Statement (abridged): it’s strange the disconnection that we feel from nature. Since humanity is a product of nature, it’s difficult to separate a human effect from a natural one.

Cheryl Hunter & Vanessa Lowe @ ContainerArt Vancouver 2011. Artist Statement

Artist’s Statement (abridged): It all started with the stunning photographs taken by Vanessa’s father in the late 1940’s, depicting Vancouver and the famous wrought iron gate erected by the CPR at Waterfront Station sometime around 1914. These photos convey family history in a rich visual narrative. (…) In “Port of Call”, history, as portrayed in … Continue reading

Farmwurx @ ContainerArt Vancouver 2011. Artist Statement

Name of Installaton: All that is Golden “A store of grain, Oh king is the best of treasures. A gem put in your mouth will not support life.”Hitopadesa Artist’s Statement: All that is Golden is a visual dialogue of the journeyof the grains and seeds that are grown in western Canada and maketheir way to … Continue reading

Tony Yin Tak Chu @ Vancouver ContainerArt 2011. Artist Statement

Name of Installation: Untitled 3   Arist’s Statement: Using discarded materials to make a piece of art connects to the environmental issue of recycling. This installation questions how we protect our environment (seascapes) against the ever increased threat of global waste dumping.  

Ross den Otter @ ContainerArt Vancouver. Artist Statement

Name of Installation: Ballet of the bay Artist’s Statement: “Through the reduction of my photographs to simple graphics, I chose to highlight “the ballet of the bay” where goods move fluidly from water to land.”

Eben Bender @ ContainerArt Vancouver 2011. Artist Statement

Name of Installation: Days at the Docks Statement (abridged): This series and installation is an expression of my experience as a shipyard steel worker for the past five years. The atmosphere and aesthetic are those of the workers, their skills, depth, aptitude, and daily experience in a more often then not humorous, crass and volatile … Continue reading

Miyuki Shinkai@ ContainerArt Vancouver 2011. Artist Statement

Title of installation: Luminous Boats. Artist Statement (extract): The port as whisper to our heart and mind to stay open to international affairs, marine environment sustainability as well as a broader spiritual enrichment to Vancouver’s connection to the sea.    

RAF digital (aka Rob Farrow) @ Vancouver ContainerArt 2011. Artist Statement

Title: Working  Artist statement:  We work so that our food tastes better and to impress our friends. We work to learn more, to praise God or sometimes just to keep from being bored. This series of images celebrates the shapes, textures and colours of the work that we do. The bigger the work, the simpler … Continue reading