The Evolution of ContainerArt museology in Vancouver

Since 2009 the PNE, a ContainerArt partner, guided by its VP Peter Male and supported by a team of engineers and curators has surprised us with ever-evolving  ContainerArt Museum shapes. Nowhere in the world has container museology been explored with such commitment.  As per ContainerArt re-use and recycle ideology, no structural changes, or holes where made to the containers:  at the end of each summer event, Containers used to host art are  returned to their role as shipping/storage devices.

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In 2009 a first portal shape, funneling to a container plaza.

2009 ContainerArt Vancouver temporary museum

In 2010 the organization commits to white containers and increases its ambitions adding formal elegance to the structure

2010 ContainerArt Vancouver temporary museum

In 2011 the museum becomes a massive modernist plaza

2011 ContainerArt Vancouver Container Museum

In 2012 a “catholic” approach is experimented with using an open plaza disposition at the center of which more sculptural works exhibited

2012 ContainerArt Vancouver temporary museum

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