ContainerArt’s future: the largest art museum in the world

 This summer, ContainerArt temporary museums in Vancouver and Edmonton have been visited by approximately 1.2 million people. For contemporary art this is an enormous achievement: consider that on average  the Guggenheim NY attracts about 900.000 visitors each yearly. ContainerArt is fast turning into a global contemporary art brand, and it is adapting its objectives. Our international partners are developing the brand with local curators and artists, and this franchised approach is changing ContainerArt from an event into a global networked museum concept, the first of its kind.
 The objective for the brand is now to reach 8 million visitors globally by 2015. 8 million is the number of visitors at the Louvre; surpassing it will turn ContainerArt into the most visited art museum in the world. The cutting edge logistics, the low cost production structure, the positioning of ContainerArt temporary museums in strategic locations will help us achieve this objective.
ContainerArt network strategy

ContainerArt network strategy

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