A Post-Clubbing ContainerArt Aesthetic Experience?

ContainerArt producers have an experimental mindset. At the PNE this year, museological experiments are being conducted to answer a question that has long vexed us: can a disco-like environment prepare and promote a visitor’s aesthetic experience?  In other words: can music, lights and dancing help to  “de-scramble” the ego-structures that prevent one to see beauty through art?  Ergo: if you see a work of art inside one of our containers after 1) being subjected to stroboscopic and multi-colored lights and/or 2) dancing,  is the experience of such work of art going to be stronger, weaker or the same?  We are betting on stronger. What if we are right? Then our curators are going to start contacting dance clubs and raves around the world to establish ContainerArt museum branches with them.

Each ContainerArt is an event, but also an experiment (we call them experivents) meant to help us develop new pulic/private museological models. No other organization in the history of art has had the opportunity  to experivent as much as we have with innovative site-specific theories…  Say, I wonder how submitting a visitor to a half an hour of fireworks will affect his contemplative abilities inside a container immediately afterwards? Well, voilà:

photo credit: Craig Hodge


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